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For who we sew

  • electroplating plants
  • diaries
  • sugar factories
  • chemical endustries
  • mils
  • cement factories
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • and others

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The company "BAJAM" was established in 1985

In the beginning we are sewing garments for the domestic market. Since 1991, began producing clothing for machines and equipment working in the industry.

The main customers of our products are electroplating plants, dairies and sugar factories. We sew also for chemical plants, pharmaceutical, cement mills and innych. Company also sew clothes in the spare capacity.

Our company is undertaking a typical family, we have our own production building so we can effectively compete on price with the other producentów. Emplyees with many years experience working for high quality products and their repeatability. Garment sewn from materials owned or entrusted.